Day of Infamy - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Day of Infamy?

Day of Infamy is a hardcore multiplayer WWII first-person shooter inspired by our former title Insurgency and the old school Half-Life 1 mod classic Day of Defeat. Set in WWII Europe, players can fight on over ten maps in PvP and Coop as the British Commonwealth, United States Army, and German Wehrmacht as over 25 different fully voiced military units. It features new game modes, new weapons, and new teamwork oriented mechanics like fire support requests and radio communications.


Are you still updating Day of Infamy?

At the moment, New World is not adding any updates to Day of Infamy. Our team understands that our Day of Infamy players are anxiously waiting for updates; however, for now, our main priority is to optimize Insurgency: Sandstorm.


Are you working on a new Day of Infamy?

We are not currently working on a new day of infamy game.


Do you have any intentions to change Day of Infamy's price?

We have no plans to change day of infamy's base price.


Will you ever do a Russian or Japanese expansion?

We currently have no plans to add Russian or Japanese factions to the game. We are focused more on Western Europe, Central Europe, and Mediterranean theatres of the war, and encourage modders to take advantage of the Steam Workshop and create their own mods as some already have. Check out the Workshop: –

Screaming Steel: 1914 – 1918 –
Born to Kill: Vietnam –
Red Winter –

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