What We Can/Can Not Provide Support For

At New World Interactive, Player Support offers expert-level technical support for multiple NWI brands and subsidiaries. Along with direct support from our agents, we also have implemented self-service solutions through our detailed knowledge-base.

Our mission is to make customer experience an intrinsic part of New World’s culture. Gamers are some of the most vocal customer bases there is, and because of our consistent development cycles, your feedback plays an integral part in identifying issues and determining what should be prioritized. Ultimately, we aim to assist players as quickly as possible with any problems they may be facing, so that they can get back into the action on the battlefield.


Products That We Provide Full Support For

Products/Services That We Provide Limited Support For

Products/Services Outside Of Our Support

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Third-Party Applications/Add-Ons
  • ISP/Router Troubleshooting
  • Hardware/Accessory Troubleshooting

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